Xian Turns One – Cake Smash Photoshoot

Baby photoshoots are always fun and refreshing. You get to appreciate life and experience happy moments not only to the baby but also to the parents and family members whom you interact during the shoot.

I remember 6 years ago, I also photographed Xian’s brother Liam when he was at the same age as Xian and that is why this shoot is dear to my heart.

The cake smash concept was an idea by the parents Neil and Gee and its a concept that I have not done yet. Although I have not shoot this kind of concept, I have several baby shoots previously but this is something different. With the cake smash concept, we only had few shots with the cake before it gets destroyed by the baby.

Let us start with the props. With the help of the parents who bought the props themselves, I also asked a friend of mine to join and help with the decorations and props stuff. She also is my makeup artist but since there is no makeup to be done, the props are here main focus for this shoot.

The cake was awesome. Aside from the baby, this is the second main character of this shoot as the name cake smash would suggest.

Since we only had few shots with the cake, I had to make sure I take other photos before the actual cake smashing happens or else it will be very messy and the baby will need to be bathed again.

Xian was such in a good mood that the first part of the shoot was just fun with him.

He even played with the camera

Next was photo with his brother Liam.

Then with his parents and brother.

The aftermath!

Thank you Neil and Gie for the trust and allowing me to publish these photos. Also thanks to Belle who assisted me with the decorations and helping me with the shoot.


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