iPhone 13: Is This Finally What Photographers Need?

Two days from now, the iPhone 13 will be launched and most likely 2 weeks after, it will be available for select countries and then the rest of the world. For me as a photographer and a tech enthusiast, I always look forward in these kind of events specifically the Apple September events as we go throughTechtember and of course the holidays. Now we all know that not everyone can afford these stuff but that is not the topic I will be talking about but. Rather, let us talk about the technology itself without taking deep dive with the pricing.

Now I’m sure you have seen all the leaks and in fact I bet you are exhausted of seeing it on a daily basis now that the Apple event is literally just less than 3 days away. Hear me out at this point. Please take note that this is not another leaks post but rather a photographer excited about one thing. Read on.

Photo by Yugandhar Bonde on Pexels.comTwo

Camera Upgrades

The camera is the main reason that most of us photographers would want to have an iPhone. Will this year be that year? That is a big question mark. Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro max introduced the ProRes feature on still photos and this year it will be carried over to video mode. Again this will mean much for us photographers and for those who really doesn’t know much about it which is the majority, it will not matter.
That is because having Prores images means you are shooting raw on your mobile phone which means you’ll have more flexibility on your post processing than your compressed jpeg format.
Now you might add that RAW photos have already been done by Android phone for years now and you’re right. Apple’s goal was never to be the first of everything but making sure it works without any issues.
I’m sounding like an Apple fan boy now. Aside from the ProRes coming to video mode, portrait mode on video is coming too. That means you’ll get those creamy blurred background natively on video instead of just the photo.
Because Apple has achieved great things with their M1 Chip, the new A series chip will definitely show a boost in performance and will allow to run complex task in a fast manner making it the fastest bionic chip Apple has ever made (until it gets surpassed by next year’s chip).

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

It could also come with 120hz display and smaller notch, bigger batteries and so on. Those features are good but just get blurred when I think about it. All I care is the camera. If the camera is great, we might not need to bring our dslr cameras anymore. I know, I know that is debatable but if I will be disappointed this year, I will keep on waiting for that day where we can finally tell that phone cameras will finally get to be at par with our dslr cameras and I don’t think it’s not that long to wait considering how photography tech has evolved through the years.

Are you excited about the new iPhone coming in the next few days? If so, what features are you most excited about?


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