About Me

I am a Filipino photographer based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and born in a small town called Lazi in Siquijor Island. That is where the word Lazi from “The Lazi Photographer” was taken.
Photography has helped me in a lot of ways and allowed me to meet new friends I would never meet.

My journey into photography started in 2008 but I really just had a point and shoot so I just studied the basic concepts in photography. Until I had my own camera in 2012, everything changed. My learning was so fast that I was shooting almost everyday and every weekends. I’m a self taught photographer who has explored several genres of photography before really sticking to the core stuff that I do up to this moment.

Portraits of people is what I normally shoot as I am fascinated with beauty and people. Then I shoot events like weddings, pre-weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and so on. Lately, I am obsessed into photography and have been reviewing food in my newly created blog related to food.