This Is How My Camera Looks Like After 7 Years

The camera I had the longest has taught me a lot. I had so much experience with it and tried so many experimental shots with it, and really the majority of my work was taken with this camera, the Olympus OM-D Em-1 mk1. The first generation Em-1, the OG.

First, I was aware of the issues that others have experienced with this camera. The dreaded camera lug strap fell of, the rubber on the body peeled off, and the mode dial malfunctioned.These are the main ones I knew and my Em-1 did not escape the peeling off of the rubber on the body.

olympus om-d em-1 body
olympus om-d em-1 body

Yes I still have the rubber that peeled off, but it’s useless anymore, I just kept it for remembrance purposes.

olympus om-d em-1 body

I purposely did not explain too much because I made a video explaining what happened so you won’t have to read it plus experience it in 4K. Please check it out below and stay at the end as I had a surprise announcement. While you’re at it, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, It will mean the world to me.


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