Kenneth Weds Hazel, KL Malaysia

This wedding is my first wedding event for 2022 and it has a special place in my heart. Not only I got close to the couple and the people around them but the experience with them from the pre-wedding shoot to the Embassy wedding up to the reception itself. It was all a great experience.

PS: Make sure to read up to the end for the video.

The prewedding photos

There was a wedding that happened in the morning of that same day of their church wedding. It was held at the Philippine Embassy in KL. It was a quick ceremony yet very momentous for the couple at least.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned so far is the fact that aside from shooting photos for this wedding, I was also doing video. Same situation with the prewedding, I also did photo and video.

The Preparation

After the wedding at the embassy, we headed back to the place which the couple rented just for the wedding. We had ample of time to prepare and shoot because the wedding was scheduled at 4:30pm.

The Entourage

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were there too so it was fun doing our preparations with me switching from photos and videos. It was challenging yet fun at the same time.

The Hair & Makeup

The hair and makeup for the bride and the bridesmaids were done Belle, big thanks to her.

The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was full of energy and fun I was shooting photos with my assistant doing the videos. It lasted for few hours and before we knew it, it was done. Here are some of the photos.

Thank you for reaching the end, as promised, here’s the video for the wedding. Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel.


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