Sheraton Petaling Jaya & Anything That Surrounds It

Been living in Petaling Jaya for 11 years now and I’m still in love with it. Cultural diversity with food and activities are some of the things you’ll love here. High rise buildings have been sprouting in this part of Malaysia in the last decade and one very recent that stood out was the Sheraton PJ. It is the new wonder in PJ in my opinion in terms of interesting buildings and structures. Don’t get me wrong here, PJ has a lot to offer and it has a huge land area. I’m only speaking about the area where I normally interact and go on a daily basis.

I remember in 2011 when I arrived here in Malaysia. I stayed in Seksyen 14 which is still where I’m living at the moment. It was back then a very quiet area with tall bushes and less cars passing by. Now a mall has been built, additional buildings have been constructed and the roads have become busier and it even gets to a point where it gets too crowded during peak hours.

When I go to work and back to where I live, or going to the mall to buy grocerries or even going to the train station to go somewhere else, the very prominent structure that I see is the Sheraton PJ building. I have seen this building in different times of the day. Golden hour, twilight, night time, sunrise, sunset, you name it and I always want to take photos of it most of the time especially if the light hits it and the reflections amazing.

Above is the Taman Jaya Rapid KL train station that connects to a closer train station to the Sheraton PJ Hotel which is Asia Jaya Rapid KL Lrt Station. This area within PJ is one of the busiest during rush hour.

During my Sunday morning runs, I’m always amazed with what I get to see from the surroundings. Well built buildings with wonderful and amazing designs to facilities on 3 different public parks that I get to pass by during my runs. They are all well maintained and updated.

Below is one of the main highways in PJ that passes Sheraton PJ Hotel and it stretches to Kuala Lumpur. When you pass this area by car, you can’t help but notice several good looking buildings including that TM building that looks like Stark’s building in Marvel movies.

I will continue to be in love with PJ as years go by and this is even just a small part of PJ that I’m exposed everyday. I can even see myself retiring in this place as it is not as busy as Kuala Lumpur and when you need to go to KL, it’s just few minutes away.

How about you? Have you been to PJ? If you are a tourist and wanted to go to KL, PJ is one of the best places to book for hotel or Airbnb as it is much cheaper compared to KL and it is just very near to KL. If you still prefer fancy hotels, this area where I live has Sheraton and Hilton hotels which are among the top rated ones and many more.


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