KL/ PJ Malls Christmas Decorations In 2021!

The Pandemic has never stopped malls from doing their yearly activities, at least it has not in the malls I have visited for the last 2 weeks. But I could see some malls are holding it back in terms of being so extravagant on their decorations. While others might be observing how other malls would be visited by its customers.

It may not be a secret that in some malls, they allow their tenant or group of tenants, a brand or even a local to sponsor the mall’s Christmas decorations as part of advertising their brand. It’s a no brainer for these brands or companies to sponsor such events because it’s their opportunity to show the consumers how capable they are thus gaining trust easily from the people.

Sunway Pyramid Mall

Sunway Pyramid has been doing well in terms of making sure people are safe but I’m kind of expecting more from them in Christmas decors side of things. It’s because Sunway Pyramid is huge and in previous years, every Atrium has different themes. So I was really down when I only saw one which can only be found at the Blue Atrium. I went there on the 20th of November 2021 so if some stuff are added, please let me know.

The Gardens Mall

The Gardens Mall probably is the most let down of all the malls I have visited at the same date as the rest. Please bear in mind that they might have added more decorations as I have seen some bts from their social media. But during my visit, it was just okay.

Suria KLCC

You would agree with me if I say that everyone should be expecting Suria KLCC to have much more extravagant decors this year. It was indeed good and in my opinion, it is the second best from the malls I have visited. Their theme revolves around train express delivering gifts to all the people. Two huge Christmas trees- one in the middle of the mall and one on the outside.

Pavilion KL

Pavilion Mall KL is the clear winner here. Well, this is a high end mall where the rich shop. Maybank sponsored the interior decors while Coach did for the outside. Really creative stuff you see for both decorations. I highly recommend going there right after sunset when they start turning on the lights and you’ll get amazed by the view.

Pictures alone could not do justice of all the things I just discussed. Don’t worry it got you covered. Because just like last year and the previous years. I posted it on my YouTube channel. Glad if you could share some love by subscribing and hitting that like button on my video. Check it out below it will be a 2 part video which the second part will be posted and an update has also been uploaded. Enjoy and thank you for reading this blog post.

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