Newborn Shoot With Emilia!

The economy is slowly opening up and just in time for baby Emilia to have her photoshoot done. She is 2 weeks old during the time of the shoot and I was so excited to be back shooting. I missed the sound of the shutter from my camera and it’s about time.

We had to be very extra careful with this shoot as it involves a baby. All protocols were followed during this shoot and we wore masks all the time. Also we are all double vaxxed for those who are wondering.

Princess of The Iron Throne

We started with the most significant theme for this shoot. Baby Emilia was named after Emilia Clarke, the actress who played the role of Daenerys Targaryen on the TV series Game Of Thrones

The hardest and the most intricate prop we used are the dragon eggs. Both RJ and Belle worked on the eggs. Belle made the iron throne.

This was the first shoot of the day so I saw the baby was still very sleepy as she was just feed. Based on my research, the mom’s milk usually gets digested very quickly so that is something to have in mind. During this particular moment, she was just asleep.

My Dad Is A Gamer

As a gamer myself, I know how a father must be proud if his kids would also be a gamer like him. I thought about this concept the night before the shoot. It was not the main theme for the shoot so I added it and even if it did not push through, I would still make sure the main theme is done. I knew we had to add the Aegis of Champions to support our DOTA concept.

The gaming chair is the Secretlab x DOTA2 version which really helped solidify the theme.


RJ’s second choice for the theme was something as simple as the baby being naked so we had to make it simple and just add some flowers to spice it up a little.

Then I made sure to cover other angles and loved the outcome. Oh and we added some stuff toys to add variety.

The Natural Pose

I call this the natural pose because this is how babies comfortably lay inside the mother’s womb for 9 months. Our stylist and props maker Belle did a great job of wrapping her with this white cloth.

Then after taking few shots we added one by one some props like the teddy bears. Love the outcome on this one too.

Overall I was happy with the outcome of the photos despite this was my first time shooting a newborn.

There are two takeaways I can share during this shoot for those of you fellow photographers who want to try shooting newborn babies.

1. Seek help from someone who knows more on how to handle babies (specially if you are a guy). Unless you have more experience then go with it. Having it done by someone else who has more experience in carrying the baby not only makes sure the baby is safe but also takes away your worries as a photographer so you can focus on capturing the photos as planned.

2. Know the baby’s routine. The sleeping, awake and feeding time. This is important so you can plan the shoot accordingly. During this shoot, RJ the mom told us her baby’s usual routine and helped very well on how we adjusted for her.

I hope this blog has helped to those photographers who want to know how a newborn shoot goes and also to those parents who want to know how it looks like and what to expect. How about you? Do you have any tips you can give me? Let me know and comment below.

Here’s a BTS vlog of the shoot.

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