Fiery Sunsets With The iPhone – No Edits

In Petaling Jaya last week, sunsets have been amazing. So I took shots whenever I could at those very instances I see the sun set. It is during sunsets that we only have few minutes before it goes away.

From where I live, sunsets are pretty awesome specially when viewing it from the pool area.. When the pool started to open for residents, I was looking for a perfect time to be able to shoot sunsets. Reflection and sunsets always show better results as long as you have a tripod. This time I didn’t had my tripod with me and just my phone.

What’s the secret?

Nothing really profound for a secret. First off, I was shooting handheld with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, then the secret sauce, is the Vibrant photographic style. That’s it. No edits in Photoshop or Lightroom. Using the Photographic styles is different from using a filter on Instagram . It’s because with photographic styles, the image processor analyse the photo overall and apply the style that has been selected beforehand. For example the Vibrant photographic style adds 50 points of tone from your photos taken by the camera. With it integrated with the camera software, it does the application of the style without compromising skin tones and faces and with landscapes apply only to parts of the photos that needs it. This takes advantage of the iPhone 13’s image processing powers with its AI and computational photography.

Dont get me wrong, you can still edit the photos you have taken if you feel like you need to. After all, photography is very much subjective. For me, I already like how it looks like even without edits so I’m good posting it right away.

Will I be able to replicate these sunset photos in the future? Most likely not because every sunset is different.

For sunsets, I will continue to capture these memories as much as I can with this phone. No matter the circumstances, I will find a way to shoot.

Utilising the telephoto lens

That’s it for now, let me hear if you love shooting sunsets and your experiences with it. Let us chat at the comments section below.

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