The Yongnuo 25mm F1.7, Should We Set Our Expectations High?

My photographer friend Robin gave me this Yungnuo 25mm F1.7 lens after ha had it reviewed on his blog and his Youtube channel. He did review this thoroughly on his blog and YT so be sure to check that out.
This post however is not a review, please bear that in mind.
I have seen Robin’s review on his YT channel and he reviewed it extensively with photographs, I also had seen on another video from his channel of a footage taken with this lens. Please check them out on his channel.

The Observations

Priced at less than 400 Malaysian Ringgit, that is less than 100USD, this should be a steal for a micro four thirds camera user like me. The lens overall build on the outside is plastic but the part that connects to the camera is metal which is great to help secure it better

Compared to the Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens

I noticed that with photos, its great but the focusing is kinda slow. If you are just shooting mostly still subjects, it should be more than enough. Shooting videos though is different. The slow focusing tends to affect much on the video part and it hunts mostly especially if the subject is moving

Another thing I noticed with shooting it against the light is that it easily get flares that I don’t get when using my Olympus lenses. It mostly has to do with the coating on its lens. This should not be an issue in most cases, just don’t shoot against the light.

While it may not be at par with the Olympus lenses, definitely this is something you can buy as an alternative if money is the issue of course, or if you are saving for something else and still spare for some extra for a lens. Just be aware about its shortcomings and work with it to your advantage. After we should control the tools we use for our photography and not the other way around.

What are your thoughts with this lens? Do you have experience with 3rd party lenses? Let us know your experience.

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