Macro With The iPhone 13 Pro Max!

If you have been watching youtube videos about the iPhone 13 series this year, you could have seen a trend of reviews from creators praising the macro capability of the wide angle lens. Is it true? Lets find out.

The macro capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Series phones this year is backed with the much awaited upgrade of the wide angle lens. With this year it allows more light to pass to the sensor and with sensor shift image stabilisation, the difference is significant. Its good to note that the sensor shift stabilisation is only available for the wide lens and not the ultra-wide. But the notable change is the f1.8 aperture of the ultra wide angle lens.

I went for a morning run today on a Saturday and brought along my phone with the aim to shoot just only macro photos. I wanted to know if it really stands up with its hype. Went to a park where I usually run on weekends and stop to any interesting subjects I could shoot with it.

Disclaimer: All photos are taken by the iPhone 13 Pro Max wide angle lens used as macro unless mentioned otherwise.

The most abundant subjects I could find are plants and flowers. I did not see any insects during this walk so I stayed with the theme of plants and flowers so I could get what I needed rather than look for it. The fist photo above shows how close you could go to objects with the wide angle lens now than ever before.

Another obvious ones are leaves and with a little bit of back lit situation on this photo above, it really emphasised the small lines comprising the leaves structure.

Above photo is an example when it could mess up. Macro photography works well if your subject is not moving. with the f1.8 on the ultra wide angle lens now, it lets more light in to the sensor thus producing better result. Because the branches are moving due to the wind, I had harder time snapping while looking at the focus. Obviously this one above is not perfect but I love the colour of its petals which is transparent looking.

This ant photo is a cropped photo of a leaf. Not much light towards the ant and it is backlit In a way because the brighter side is on the opposite side.

An interesting insect which I don’t know what it is. Just stayed on this leaf and decided to snap it. No spiders at this time though.

The common denominator with all these photos is that being able to shoot them near meaning the lens now can focus at very close range changes the way we use the ultra wide angle lens on the iPhone. Not only we will be seeing wider landscapes but also close ups of objects we could not take photos of before.

Is it better than your macro photos with your dslr with macro lenses? Of course not. But because we do not bring our macro lenses and dslr all the time with us, the iPhone really helps us achieve if not dslr level of macro photography but at least it can be considered macro for a smarphone level. Many android phones already have a macro lens on their phones but at least for the iPhone, it was not just slapped there just to have a macro option which does not give you much better photos. This time it actually is better in my opinion.

There are still a lot to improve with regards to macro and mobile photography in general and its always us the consumers who win when phone manufacturers really produce a product that actually works.

What do you think of the macro mode on the iPhone 13 series phones?

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