Filters Are Still Great Accessories To Have For Mobile Photography

I ran this morning and decided to bring the Moment filter together with my phone. Now I’m not talking about a physical lens filter and not your Instagram filters. I usually take some shots here and there while on my running routes. This helps my urge to take photos and give me more time to brush up my skills in photography. I wrote an article here on this blog about “How To Appreciate Things Around You” in which I try to do the same thing that I did this morning and look for new things to shoot during my runs.

I brought along with me the filter mount and the 37mm CPL filter which I mentioned on my previous blogpost about “Level Up Your Mobile Photography”. I had this filter for a while now and I dont bring them everyday but after what happened today, i will now be bringing this specially on day runs, outdoor events, travel and so on.

Now why have I said that? After few months of not using it, having to use it today showed me the a difference. Now this has no editing involvement but I realised that the photos with the filters are way much better than photos taken from my mobile phone without it.

Asia Jaya Lrt Station with Sheraton PJ (taken using the iPhone XS Max rear camera with the Moment 37mm CPL filter)

The first photo is a great example of how the skies look better including the clouds when a filter is attached with the phone. By the way this was taken using the default iPhone camera with no editing and posted straight to this blog.

Jalan Utara (taken using the iPhone XS Max rear camera with the Moment 37mm CPL filter)
Federal Highway (taken using the iPhone XS Max rear camera with the Moment 37mm CPL filter)

The three photos should speak for themselves and I will continue taking photos with my phone using the filters. You will see more on my Instagram.

Have you had any experience with mobile phone filters? Let me know on the comment section.


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