Catching Up With Photographer Friends

Met up with Robin Wong & Sim Pin Hor, one of my photographer friends here in Malaysia. It’s been few months since we went out.

Still could not do much street shooting so we just chit chat to catch up and of some food photography. When we see each other, we always end up cafe hopping and we tend to forget the time.

Our favourite spot is Wizards at Tribeca which is along Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur. This place is so popular that even at 10am when it starts to open, people just flocking. Another indicator they are popular, you’ll have to book yourself a reservation days before they day you’re planning to go.

Yes, coffee is the first order of business. Coffee is really good in Wizards. In fact, their baristas have won barista competitions from the local and international scene. Please don’t take my word for it. You’ll have to come and taste it yourself.

We must have photographed almost all of the food on their menu but they add new ones every few months. Not only their food tastes good but they also look good. Instagramable as they say. Note this may already sound like a paid post but I was not paid to post this article.

These are what we ordered. More photos on my Food Photography website.

When we talk about just anything we could think of (mostly photography), we tend to forget how time passes by. Then we go to explore other cafes to talk more and shoot more at the same time.

Next was 43 Coffee and we have been here several times. We tend to come back to places we had good experience with and the second reason is that they have the best lighting a photographer could want.

Need I say more? Natural lighting here is second to non. Oh did I say the coffee is good too? Yes it is good and they know their coffee ver well.

I think it was 6pm that we decided to go to another place. By this point, our goal was to for dinner. MyPizzaLab was our choice and off we went.

By this time all we could think of is just eat and no one bothered to take photos with our cameras so this one was just all mobile related.

Sunday was well spent and very much looking forward the next one. Thank you for spending your time with me Robin and Sim. Any suggestions on where we go next?

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