Appreciating The Little Things Around You

Photo straight from phone. No post processing done.

I see to it that I run on weekends and I have my usual routes. As far as I can remember, there are 5 routes I can run within my neighbourhood and it depends on my mood, I tend to mix it up a bit based on my run goal for the day.

So today, Sunday, 21st of February 2021, I decided to run on this elliptical road along a famous highway near the place I stay. One full round of it is approximately less than 4km.

I like to run on this route if I wanted to run longer than my usual runs. I have been running on this route several times now and I’m always fascinated how the pleasing buildings from across that route amazes me. Whether it be some hotels or office spaces that have been there for a long time or some new additions over the skies of Petaling Jaya.

Let’s start by this photo above. You can see its just a photo of an alley and you are right it is. I see this everyday and I always take this sight for granted. That wonderful looking building right there at the back might have caught your eyes but you won’t appreciate it that much until you look closer.

With just the 2x zoom on my phone, I was able to emphasize and do justice on that visually appealing building. This is one of the things I mentioned that we often miss to see. If I did not stop and pulled out my phone and take some shots, I wouldn’t have gotten this photo.

The next one below is another building photo. I keep seeing this building at this specific spot but because I was always running when passing this area, I did not bother to take my phone due to laziness. Other times its not just laziness but because I don’t want to ruin my pace and thats not just an excuse.

So yeah, I stopped and did not bother about my pace and took 2-4 shots and went on running. I was so happy I did because of this outcome.

It was my last km and noticed this sight. I have seen this before on my other runs but again dis not bother to stop and take photos.

Based on my experience today, I think I have not taken photos for a long time and that I was craving for something pleasing to my eyes and to satisfy those cravings, I was so thankful I stopped and took more shoots.

If you are someone who likes to take photos or someone who just started taking photos may it be with your phone or a camera, start noticing things from around you. May it be a tree from a park you pass by everyday or a playground in a park somewhere, or a building that glitters when hit by sunlight. Notice them and take photos of them. Look for other angles, try different times of the day. Go to another side and you may just find a better way to shoot that subject.

That’s all for todays blog. See you on the next one. Don’t forget to keep shooting and stay safe.

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