What Did The Covid-19 Pandemic Do To You?

We all have our own stories to tell about what the Covid-19 has done to our lives and I want to share mine. It’s not a depressing story I can assure you that and I’m also certain you wont even cry in this article.

Facebook Gaming Video Creator

When Malaysia started to go on lockdown mid March 2020, that was the time I decided to start doing streaming on Facebook. It was the time when I said to myself I will spend more time in streaming and make it a daily thing.

Yes I was one of those who jumped into the bandwagon of streamers in Facebook and it was not easy. I started from scratch and with more research and self study, I learned the ropes about streaming. Gaming was just easy as I was playing games ever since so it really was the streaming that I need to learn more.

As of this writing, I still enjoy streaming and very much thankful for the community that grew with just a mobile game.

As I look forward to reaching almost a year, I have no regrets whatsoever that I chose streaming as my new passion and I will continue doing it as much as I can and build a community of mobile gamers .

A Podcast

I had my first podcast with photography as my topic. That podcast is still alive although I don’t update it that much, I intend to make an episode as I can.

But with my new streaming passion, I made a second podcast which is related to helping Filipino streamers, old and new upcoming streamers in solving problems they encounter when they are starting with their daily streaming.

So far it has been amazing and since that podcast I speak in my native tongue, I am able to express myself much better and explain things better. I have more episodes on this second podcast when compared with my first one and I hope to add more and plan to incorporate stuff such as interviews and many more.

Those two above mentioned are the best things that happened to me during this pandemic and I could not think of anything that I could do besides these which I am very passionate about.

How about you? What has the Covid-19 pandemic do to you or had made you do that turned out to be positive in your live and the people around you? Do share it on the comments section below.

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