Fellow Photographers, How Are You Coping Up?

Today marked a new record for Covid-19 cases here in Malaysia with a staggering 4,275. It almost looks like we are getting back to where we were before and it is a fact that everything is affected.

We all know that the photography industry has been so much affected by this pandemic and I have heard stories about photographers thinking of ways they could earn as the usual photography jobs are getting less and less. For me as a freelance photographer, I am also affected but since I have a full time job, And can still survive but even any job is not stable these days.

Aside from being passionate about photography, I am also a casual gamer in fact I play most of my games on mobile. When the first lockdown happened which was around 18th of March 2021, I also had decided that time to start streaming game on Facebook. Started with no followers and slowly growing.

Since then, so many things had had happened and I had fun. I could still work on video editing in a way which relates to my streaming and still able to practice photography for my photos to post in social media. I take photos very less for the moment but I was able to focus my attention on something I am also passionate about.

Will I be doing streaming long term? Maybe yes maybe not. All I know is that I am happy when doing game streaming just like as I’m happy with photography.

My fellow photographers what made you busy during the pandemic? I hope you are all still passionate about our crafts and please don’t give up no matter how difficult life is.

I want to hear what made you busy this pandemic. Let me know from the comment section below.

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