It’s December 2020 & I Will Continue My Tradition

close up of two flute glasses filled with sparkling wine wuth ribbons and christmas decor

white feathers illustration
Photo by Aleksandr Slobodianyk on

Remember in 2018 when I posted about the Glistening Christmas in 1Utama? How about my post on the same year about Disney Christmas in Pavillion? This actually leveled up into a video Christmas series in 2019 and are posted on this blog as Christmas in Midvalley, Star-Wars Themed Christmas in Pavillion KL and the KLCC’s Christmas Village. These are all not coincidence but rather an intention of my yearly tradition to go to top malls in KL and take photos and videos of their Christmas decorations. It has evolved from just photos to last year’s video compilation as I dove more into videography.

This year and we have stepped 4 days in December, I still have hopes I can have my entries for this year before the year ends. It will be more challenging considering the pandemic and that the cases here in Malaysia for COVID infections have been really high in the past month and until today as of this writing. I will continue the tradition with more caution and expectation that I may not get as much photos and videos compared to last year and the other years that passed.

Watch out for my Christmas series. Photography lives on.

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