Half of 2020 Is Gone

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Malaysia has almost surpassed COvid-19 and although we still have few single digit infections per day, I call it a success with the health system and government in general from keeping the numbers very low from day to day. Thank God we can now slowly go out of our homes and start dining out. We still need to be cautious but at least the fear is less now compared to April when it started to get worse.

We all know that photographers and any other artists were very much affected with the pandemic. This month of July is at least starting to look normal. Just had a wedding job and although it was still under very restricted circumstances, at least it is slowly starting to pick up. Most events will still be cancelled though.

More and more people are now going out, and hopefully everything will go back to normal. When we think of it, really, half of 2020 is gone. We cannot recover the lost time anymore and to most companies, who lost money, it’s really tough.

I still look at things on the positive side. Although I did not have photography jobs during the quarantine period, there were things that I learned from myself that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to explore if I was not stuck at home for more than 3 months. I learned to explore my weaknesses and hone my photography skills in terms of knowledge, been able to post episodes on my podcast, and yes the big thing that happened was that I was able to start a Facebook Gaming channel in which I stream daily. Not very related to photography but playing games has been my passion aside from my main photography. Being able to shift to it was fun, challenging at the same time and I had to admit, costly. Streaming though is still related to content creating so that will always be tied up to my videography.

wedding photographer

July is about to end and I hope that by August, we could burry Covid-19 away and move on with our lives. It has hurt everyone in the world and it is time to get back on our knees and rebuild the world.

I pray for everyone’s safety and recovery, let us all help together to rebuild our community and the world in general.

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