Level Up Your Mobile Videography

It has been mentioned in several videography articles that in order to get that cinematic look on your videos, your shutter speed needs to be double of that focal length of the lens you’re using. You will never achieve that without lens filter. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the filters you use for your Instagram posts but this is a physical filter you would use for your phone. It’s basically like a pair of sunglasses for your phone and this little device can make a huge difference.

To explain much further, see the explanation from Moment guys themselves. I believe they have explained it much better on the links below.

Why Filters Matter!

Best filter for your phone.

The Case

It starts with the case. I’m a big fan of Moment’s phone cases and this time a newer case which they call Terracotta. I can’t describe how it looks bur it is way more attractive than their Walnut Wood case and to top that, it has a free screen protector when you buy it. It feels rugged and easy to hold.

The Filters & Mount

For the filters, I decided to get the ND 16 filter which blocks 16 stops of light going through the sensor and the CPL (circular polarizing filter) which blocks reflections, improve contrast, removes atmospheric haze and increases color saturation. These are 37mm in size so in order for me to use these filters on my Moment case, I need the 37mm filter mount too. They also have the mount for the 62mm filters that we use for our dslrs.

Aside from the fact the these filters and mounts fee premium and well built, they come in a very sturdy case and nice pouch. Moment has made sure you get bang for your buck when you get a hold of their products and that’s why I love using their products. To top it off, I have experienced the best service from them.

As a disclaimer, Moment has not paid me to publish this post but rather this is because I trust the brand and for using their products without failing, I highly recommend them.

Now we all know that these gears alone does not make your mobile videography much better but these are tools that will allow you to achieve that cinematic look that everyone of us is going for. With more practice and enhancing the skills needed, we will surely achieve our goals and produce better quality contents.

Another point, this does not mean that you should get only those made by Moment. Im sure their are few companies that offer filters and mounts for your mobile phone at a lower cost. Feel free to try other brands.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below. Any questions, feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them.

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