First Time Shooting Macro Photography With A Macro Lens

Macro Photography as a genre in photography is something I have not done before. It’s because I don’t have a macro lens and I did not have time to explore it. So when my friends Robin and Sim invited me to join them for a macro shooting in Bukit Gasing (just 7 minutes away from where I stay), I did not hesitate to say yes and boy It was worth it.

macro photography - dragonfly

Robin lent me his Olympus macro lens and also his flash then we started around 9 AM just to make sure the hikers in Bukit Gasing have mostly been halfway with their routes.

insect -macro photography

I felt that it is the most relaxing genre of photography in the sense that you are in nature (that is if you fancy taking macro shots of insects) and taking photos of insects and just any other living thing that catches your attention. Of course, macro photography does not only pertain to shooting insects but the most attractive macro shots are taken on insects because of how it makes the insects larger than life and at the same time revealing their physical aspects in a very close manner.

This spider looks tribal
and those details are just amazingly sharp

Thanks to the flash, the insects really look amazing and the details are very well shown. I did not expect that I would like the results and I was blown away how detailed my shots were.

The photo above of a mushroom is a very tiny mushroom of less than an inch but it looks larger than that in fact you will never be able to guess how tall it is by just looking at it.

A snail with its poop behind

In contrary to street photography, with insects macro, you really don’t need to go very far to find interesting insects to shoot, although we are literally inside a forest, we have taken these photos of insects with just a few meters from the main entrance of Bukit Gasing. We could have gone far from the entrance but we were happy with what we got so we decided to call it a day after 2 hours of shooting.

fly-close up
The Fly

One of my favorites, the fly. It was my first time seeing the fly’s eyes from my own shots. After a few tries and few tips from Robin and Sim, I managed to pull it off. I know I mentioned that it is somewhat relaxing, it may sound contradicting but since we are shooting it with off-camera flash, handholding a camera and a flash while shooting a very small insect may sound very difficult to pull off. especially with some insects that react with even the slightest movements.

Huge shout out to Robin and Sim for letting me experience shooting macro photography with a real macro lens.

I will definitely like to do it again in some other time and if this genre of photography is something you would like to try, I suggest you just go ahead. I won’t recommend buying a macro lens right away because you might not like it. You can borrow from a friend or from those companies that let you borrow lenses to try it out and see if this is something you would love doing with your photography.

Thanks for taking a portion of your time reading and I hope you enjoy the photos and what I have shared. What are your experiences with macro photography? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

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