Lara’s First

Baby shoots are one of the most challenging type of photography. I think anyone who has tried taking photos of babies would agree on that. Thanks to my patience and a my passion to this chosen craft, with some experience working with children, the photo shoot went well.

This is not just a challenge for me but for the parents as well. The parents really want their child to look better for the special day. Who wouldn’t? 


The shoot happened along the busy playgrounds of KLCC Twin Towers park. I suggested this place to the parents as this would easily be great for those kind of photos plus there are children’s playground as an added option.

It was raining most of the time the whole week and weeks before this day but we were so lucky that it was just an overcast sky and did not rain the whole afternoon. I was even thinking that the baby might feel very hot during the shoot as we agreed to start around 3pm. Usually, that is still hot on a normal sunny day. The weather that day was a very good contributing factor of the success of this shoot. We had plenty of time shooting from one location to another within the playground area. 


 The parents Lou and Leo with Lara
The parents Lou and Leo with Lara

I always make sure that the parents also have photos with their child. 

Daddy Time

When Lara got bored, we had her father take her a little bit away from us. I just love the outcome of the shots here.


We found a little empty spot in the playground area which has less people. This was a great place for the cake smashing. Yes we planned to have her destroy her colorful cake. You would think that is too easy but we ended saving the cake and just putting some of the icing on her face


Had some detail shots of her name with the cake as the background. My salute to the parents as they were able to bring stuffs that can be included on the shoot. Normally this takes few days of planning so I must give them credits to the props.


Here’s another one with the KLCC twin towers and the three of them. 


Big Thanks

Let me end this blog by thanking the parents Leo and Lou including my friend RJ SIgno and his lovely wife for trusting me to capture this very special day for Lara. Each of them really helped in making sure the shoot is successful. More than what I expect for a client, they were very helpful and provided me ideas about the shoot. 

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