Baby Ricardo’s Photo Shoot

Ricardo is just few months old and his baptismal ceremony is going to happen this weekend. I had the opportunity for a photo shoot with him and his family before his baptismal and it was an awesome experience. 
This was my second baby shoot and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect for the shoot. It was a cloudy Sunday morning and I arrived around almost 10:00 AM if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t know that babies are usually sleepy at those times so, note to self in the future, it is better to shoot babies early in the morning when they are very active and playful. 
Baby Ricardo was so sleepy and we still proceed to do the shoot. We didn’t have a choice as re-scheduling it would mean another week to wait. 

All we needed was available light from the window and it showed his pinkish skin. This was part of the first few shots we had with him. He was beginning to close his eyes at some point but his mother and grandmother helped each other to play with him and get his attention so he won’t sleep.

Here are some of the photos. 



Thank you to Ada for letting me post Ricardo’s photos. God bless to Baby Ricardo on his christening this weekend

Another Day Another Moment Productions will cover the event this weekend. 

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